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Checkwriter Introduction
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A check writer  is a physical device for protecting a check from unauthorized alteration of either the amount or the authorizing signature. A check writer leaves a written impression, accomplished by the machine applying downward force on the check and leaving very small hit by Dot Matric Printer in the field of a check that is very difficult to alter. This ribbon wirter from my company can print at most 7 items, like Date, Payee, amount in numerals or letters, Signatures, or issue plance, or other items.

The person preparing a check need set the checkwriter firstly in order to fit his country.

1.Firstly set a prefix and suffix to prevent a fraudster from adding extra digits.

   Entering 400,780.45 for example, will produce PHP400,780.45/-.

2. Set Currency which is used in your local company.

  Took Four Hundred Thousand Naira and Forty Five Kobo as example.

3. Position the check in the check writer so its print-heads are centered over the field on the check where items of the check would be written out.

4. Limit the length in a line, in order not to be beyond range of check.


After set by technician, the operator just need enter the monetary amount and other letters of the check he wants to print by pressing a button or input in Computer through Software. Those items then will be printed onto the check.

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