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 1. Used to print entire check at one time like:

    Date, Payee, ,signature, issue place and Amount by both letters and numbers...

2. Any Currency symbols can be printed before amount in number:

    RM, PHP, EUR, USD.....

        eg: USD1,234,567.89*

3. Any Currency you can print as you wish such as:

     Dollar Cent,     Euro Cent,    Naira Kobo...

        eg: Two Hundred Thousand Naira and Thirty Kobo only

3. Support for USB port, and the size of font can be changed. 

 4. Work in stand-alone or connected to computer.

 5. The printing places and length are adjustable.

 6. LED display, standard keyboard.

 7. Dot Matric Printer/Needle-type Printer.


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